Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Jumping on the Marketing Train

So the last time I posted, I gave you some general (and specific) information about me, but I would really like to introduce you to Words that Work, the book that I am *going to be* marketing.

As previously mentioned, this is a book that I really believe in, not only because I found the content unique and useful, but also because it is written by someone I really believe in.
The author is Mary Shores, CEO and Founder of a collections agency in Central Illinois, mother of two sons (one of which is autistic), teacher of several business and personal development seminars, and an extraordinary employer (she gave me two weeks off in my second month in to go to an Alien convention for Pete's sake).
She wrote about something that many other authors have attempted to delve into: changing your words to change your life.

But what makes this book different? What stands out about Words that Work?
Well here's my thoughts on it: I have read (and listened to) a lot of books, many of which are popular self-help titles and the only other time that I have been compelled to read, reread and practice the techniques given in a book is when I was reading the late and great: How to Win Friends and Influence People. And that blew my brain through my nose.
So here I am, reading a fantastic book that takes Mary's personal experience, mushed with some scientific backing and options of credible self-help experts and I come across the hook: the exercises.
The reason that these are so ground breaking is because they're not actually ground breaking at all. In fact, parts of each exercise can be found in many different readings, but here's the thing: they are all in one place AND they are easy to follow AND compelling to actually complete. I immediately wanted to do each exercise and Mary's book got me excited to see what the end result would be.

And here it is: the end result is me writing this blog. The end result is me getting excited about wanting to empower others WHILE ALSO having the capability to do so! That is incredible and thrilling! And that's really the hook of the book... It compels you to take the steps necessary to change your life in exactly the ways you've be meaning to do but didn't know how.

So, it should be easy to market such a book, right?
Anyone in marketing will tell you that having a good product is only part of selling it (all-be-it a big part).

So now comes the difficult part, the doing things that I have no idea how to do part.
But the nice thing is that I have a self empowerment guide to help me along, right at my finger tips.

As always, feedback is appreciated!

Much obliged!